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Building Catalogue - Planet Management Module
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The Planet Management Module (or PMM) is the first building to be built on an uncolonised planet. It contains a communications system to communicate with your home planet and the command center, along with a small power plant, and 3 small scale resource extractor units which extract Silica, Aluminium and Uranium.

Unlike most buildings, it cannot be turned on or off, and it cannot be built using the building manager. A PMM is placed on a planet by a Genesis Class Transport ship, which is sent to a planet with 'Colonisation' orders. Once the PMM is placed on the planet, you have full control over the planet. If you invade a planet which already has a PMM, the existing PMM is recalibrated to use your control frequencies, thus the planet falls under your control.

Resource Requirements

Kalamite Crystals

Other Requirements

Ground space required9 units
Research required Transport Design TR.2

Other Information

PowerProduces 750 units
  With ImprovementProduces 1000 units
More Than 1 Per PlanetNo
Can Shut DownNo
Can DemolishNo
Silica Produces 250 units per tick
Aluminium Produces 250 units per tick
Uranium Produces 250 units per tick

Alphabetic Building Index
Aluminium Extractor
Building Research Center
Disruptor Tower
Electron Beam
Fission Reactor
Fusion Plant
Intelligence Agency
Kalamite Extractor
Kalamite Refinery
Landing Pad
Laser Tower
Matter Catcher
Matter Transporter
Neutron Blaster
Planet Management Module
Plutonium Extractor
Proton Beam
Pulse Laser Tower
Quantum Reactor
Science Research Center
Ship Factory
Ship Factory Improvement
Ship Research Center
Silica Extractor
Solar Farm
Steel Extractor
Technology Research Center
Titanium Extractor
Trade Center
Unit Factory
Unit Factory Improvement
Unit Research Center
Uranium Extractor
UV Laser Turret
Weapons Factory
Weapons Factory Improvement
Weapons Research Center
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