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About The Creators

Well, welcome to our little page of the game, we thought there may be some of you out there who are more than a little interested in the creators of the game, so we thought we'd tell you a little bit about us. There are only two us... one of us dreams up ideas for the game and the other turns those ideas into reality.

What made us write a game? You'd probably get different answers from both of us, but the key thing... because when we started, Planetarion was all the rage, and to put it bluntly, we knew we could do better, so we got busy. Since then, we've got hooked on the community and the buzz you get from good feedback from the players, and so, we're trying to make the game a commercial success so we can continue to do what we enjoy so much.

Spirit and AthenaOfDelphi

Teri-ann McCarthy (a.k.a. Spirit)

Well, if 7 years ago, you told me that I would design an on-line game, I'd probably have laughed at you. But in February 2001 I started getting the ideas together for what has since become The Outer Reaches.

I'm 33 years old and I come from South Wales in the United Kingdom, and unfortunately I'm out of work due to an injury I received whilst in my last job. Being out of work does have its good points though... I do get loads of time to play on-line games and make a better one.
I enjoy writing music, mixing, dancing, meeting new people, and of course playing games.

Please don't mail me if all you want is resources, ships, a revenge attack or strategy information

Mail me on : spirit at outer hyphen reaches dot com

Christina Louise Warne (a.k.a. AthenaOfDelphi)

I hate writing stuff about me... I never know what to say.....

At the time of writing, I'm 36 years old and currently working as a software engineer for a large energy company in the UK. In the last few years, I've worked as a hardware design engineer building PIC based controllers for cash handling equipment, as a research and development engineer for a company that made change machines and such like and at a web hosting company as one of their in-house software engineers. I write all my stuff using Borland/CodeGear tools including Delphi Enterprise 5, Kylix Professional 3 and Borland Developers Studio 2006.

Programming and computing aside, I'm into all sorts of stuff, music (key things here... lots of. loud. variety. I like all sorts, but my favourites are trance and nice mellow chill out tunes), crystals, the Tarrot, cooking (Pasta... yummy yummy, good for my tummy), films and DVDs (faves... Tomb Raider, The Matrix, Lord Of The Rings, Babylon 5...), games (faves... Ultima Online, Diablo II, Imperium Galactica II, the Tomb Raider series, to name but a few).

If you've got technical questions about the game, such as how it works, where its hosted and stuff like that, then direct them to me, all the other stuff like strategy and game play goes a little over my head, so I leave that to Spirit, but thats not a cue to email her with questions about how to play the game, if you need this kind of info, check out the on-line manual.

Mail me on : athena at outer hyphen reaches dot com

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