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The Rules

The Outer Reaches is designed to be a long running space strategy game. Do NOT expect to become an intergalactic champion in a matter of hours or days. This section of the The Outer Reaches web site covers the rules of the game. If you have any questions relating to the rules of The Outer Reaches then please ask them on The Nebula.

Thanks. Spirit and AthenaOfDelphi

The Basic Rules

This section details some of the most basic rules of the game.

Bashing  Beware anyone who bashes. You may well get bashed back, but it's up to you.
Multis and Account Shares  If you multi (that is own and/or run more than one account) and you are discovered, the accounts in question will be suspended and deleted. Due to how the game works and how it is played, we feel there is no advantage to multi-ing, so just don't do it. If you do, your account(s) are likely to be closed under the terms of the EULA.
Your Account  Do not under any circumstances reveal your login details to anyone. If you do, you will become an account sharer and your account is liable to be closed under the terms of the EULA.
Vacation  If you know there will be an extended period when you will not be able to gain access to your account, then please put your account into Vacation mode. Once in vacation mode your account will effectively be suspended, and will remain exactly as it was when vacation mode started. Note: If anyone thinks this is an easy way out of a fight, then think again... you cannot put your account into vacation if you have incoming hostiles or you have fleets out. Once in vacation mode you will not be able to login for 72 hours.
Inactivity  If you have not fully upgraded your account and it is idle for 30 days, it will be deleted.
Account Activation  You must activate your account within 14 days of signing up using the code emailed to you. Any account not activated 7 days after signing up will be deleted.
Trade and Donations  You can trade ships, weapons, units and resources with The Traders League and other players. If you wish to donate stock to another player, you can only donate resources, and this process will take time (You will have to transport the resources from your planet to the recipients planet yourself).
The Raiders  The Raiders are nomadic people wandering around The Outer Reaches. From time to time they need resources like the rest of us, and they will attack to fulfill their needs.
Currency  The currency of The Outer Reaches is Kalamite Crystals, but these cannot be extracted like other resources. They need to be refined from Kalamite.
Planets  You take control of planets by way of colonisation ships (in the case of uncolonised or abandoned planets) or by sending in sufficient ground units to overrun the surface (in the case of someone elses colonised planet). The only planet you cannot lose is your homeworld that was allocated to you at the start of your account.
Resources  You will need a little (well, maybe a lot) of everything Planets can hold an indefinite amount of resources each, but you may find you need to transport resources between your planets.
Buildings  On each of your planets, you can build buildings which provide defence, resources, manufacturing and power. Buildings take up space, and your planets have a limited amount of space available, so plan your colonies.
Fleets  You can control a maximum of 16 fleets per planet. Fleets can attack, defend, intercept, invade, colonise and transport stock.

The Winner

To make it worth your time playing, we are planning on offering prizes for the top 3 players at the end of the season, exactly what these prizes are will be decided during the course of the round. Players who feature in the Staff/Crew rankings are NOT eligible for any prizes. Members of the top quadrant will all receive complimentary access to the next season.

We will not tolerate cheats. Anyone found to be attempting to cheat in anyway shape or form will have their account closed in accordance with the EULA.

If any of you have suggestions for what the prize should be, then please leave us a message on The Nebula. Please note, that in accordance with the EULA, we reserve the right to decide whether a prize is offered and what that prize will be.

Happy gaming.... Spirit and Athena

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