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Supported Browsers - Overview

Browser support is a tricky one, as I'm sure the author of any website will tell you.

We have a short policy... try and provide a good quality experience for users of the main browsers... statistically I believe thats Internet Explorer and Mozilla/Firefox.

In recent years, the browsers have improved, and various issues that used to plague us, now no longer appear to be a concern. However, they have also 'improved' their security. These 'improvements' have made it more and more difficult for use to provide the feature we pioneered... the graphics pack.

The graphics pack was a package containing the sites graphics and stylesheets, that you could install on your machine. This meant that your browser didn't have to download the images and your experience was much improved. We pioneered this technique way back in 2001 when we were developing the game and had a whole bunch of people playing it down a 56K modem line. With each successive browser upgrade, more and more security 'improvements' have been added that have made it more and more difficult to get the packs working with IE and Firefox (Opera stopped working many moons ago), and so, for the foreseeable future, the packs are no more.

Instead, you can pick the colour scheme you want in-game, and to the best of my knowledge, the whole site should now work great with IE and Firefox and should be acceptable with Opera and other browsers.

Due to the many differences that exist between browsers, its unlikely we'll ever support every one, but as stated, we will always try to support the most common ones.

So Called Security Improvements

I was going to provide some technical information about the various browsers and their dev's 'security enhancements' that actually do little to improve security while simultaneously nerfing functionality that is useful when developing web applications.

However, based on reading numerous threads on numerous forums, I get the impression that (a) I'm not alone in my annoyance at the latest security 'features' and (b) it will make no difference what so ever as the 'dev's' have spoken and decided that we (the browser users) need to be protected when we surf (at the cost of functionality and ease of use. Functionality which, incidentally, is - or was - being used by us and various other sites).

If you want more information (or are a browser dev and would like to dispute what I've said or perhaps offer to remove some of the 'security' measures) drop me a mail at athena at outer hyphen reaches dot com.

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