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The Raiders

The Raiders

The Raiders are an organised group of thieves that will randomly attack a planet. Their current aim is to steal whatever resources they can get from a planet and leave.

Attacks will happen when a planet reaches a certain score. Depending on what the planet score is, the raiders will send different classes of ships to use in the raid. The different scores and ships are listed below.

Planet Score Ships Used
0 When a planet reaches this score, it will become a target for an attack by the raiders. Only Vampire Class (RE. 2) Vessels will be used in the raid
0 At this point, Fighter class ships are added to the raiders attack fleet
0 Corvettes are added
0 Frigates are added
0 Destroyers are added
0 Cruisers are added
0 Battleships are added
0 Flagships are added

Please Note - These are planet scores, NOT account scores.

As there is no way of knowing where Raider attacks are launched from, it is impossible to send probes to try and gather fleet data. Monitoring of Raider attacks has however provided the following data about the size and composition of the fleet involved relative to the score of the planet targetted.

The fleets appear to be made up using ships on a point for point basis. ie. A sufficient quantity of ships will be added such that their score matches the composition percentages specified below. To achieve this score, the Raiders will draw ships from all available classes. ie. If the planet has a score over 0 points, the raiders will use Vampires (RE. 2), Spirit fighters (FI. 5) for the EMP component and all remaining Fighter and Corvette classes for the kill component.

0%EMP Capable Ships
0%Killing Ships

It has also been noted that the Raiders do not stick to the same attack strategy.

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