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Account Upgrade Codes

Account Upgrade Code

This section can be accessed through the Outer Reaches pull down menu, click on Your Account and then select Upgrade Code from the side menu.

When you log in to The Outer Reaches for the first time, you get an Activation Code mailed to the e-mail address used in the signup form, this code Must be used within 14 days of signing up or the account Will be deleted.

There are 4 diffferent codes that can be entered, they are as follows :-

Activation Code - This code is free and will be e-mailed to a new player when they log into the game for the first time.
Upgrade A - This code will allow players to produce the 9 Special Projects within the game, these can be researched without the code but Cannot be produced. This code can be purchased from the OUter Reaches Store.
Upgrade B - This upgrade grants access to a collection of reports to help you manage your empire and can be purchased from the OUter Reaches Store.
Upgrade C - This upgrade will be added to your account automatically if you add Upgrade A and Upgrade B. It can also be purchased which will save you money compared to buying Upgrade A and B seperately.
As a bonus for having this upgrade, you will be granted access to the Global Building Manager. This tool allows you to control building operations on all your planets using a single page. Also, as a thank you from us for upgrading your account to the max, when this code is installed on your account, banner ads are removed.

Please Note - Upgrade codes are not transferable once they have been added to an account. However. you can purchase codes for friends.
The activation codes are Not transferable, they are unique to your account.

Add Upgrade Code To Account

Here you can enter an Activation/Upgrade code to your account. You MUST also add the key code that is sent in the mail.

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