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Status Report

Status Report

This is the the first page players are presented with when logging into an account, the various sections are described below.

Message Of The Day

Any messages from the creators will be placed in this section, it will be displayed when a player first logs in. Once the page is revisited or refreshed it can be seen again by clicking the little plus sign next to this section.

Account Tick Information

This section displays a little information about the ticker on your account.

Number - The tick number the game is currently on.
Start - The time your last tick started.
Finish - The time your last tick finished.

Quadrant Incoming

This section will show you a list of the current quadrants that you have a planet in and show any incoming hostile or friendly fleets by highlighting the quadrant using the graphics pack colour. Select the one highlighted to view the incoming fleets

Quadrant Information

As with the Quadrant incoming section, if any new posts are made to a quadrant you have a planet in, it will be highlighted. Click on the highlighted quadrant to veiw the posts.

Last 10 News Items

The last 10 items of news that your accout has had will be displayed here for quick reference.

Last 5 Transmissions
The last 5 mails that your account has recieved from other players in the universe will be shown here. As it only displays who it was sent to, who sent it and the subject of the mail, you will need to goto your transmissions section to acctually read the message.

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