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Quadrant Incoming

Quadrant Incoming

Provides a quick way to select the different quadrants a player owns planets in. These will light up if there are any hostile or friendly ships incoming to that quadrant

Incoming Fleets

This is where all the incoming fleets to a quadrant can be seen. It is displayed in the following way :-

Planet Number - This is the number of the planet with the incoming fleets.
Planet Name - This is the name of the planet being attacked.
H/F - Depending on which one is incoming, this will be displayed below the number of the planet with the incoming.
Origin - These are the coordinates of where the incoming fleet was sent from. NOTE: This may not be the acctual planet that sent the ships.
ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival, how long the fleet will take to arrive at its destination.
Ships - How many ships are in the incoming fleet.

Please Note - You cannot see how many ships are in a fleet without having an Intelligence Agency on the planet with the incoming.

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