Sun, 05 July 2020, 06:08:26 GMT

Well, here they are, the credits for the crew behind The Outer Reaches...

Lets start off with who did what....

Teri-ann McCarthy (a.k.a. Spirit) - the design, consultancy and testing departments
Christina Louise Warne (a.k.a. AthenaOfDelphi) - the software, system and web design departments

We (that is Spirit and AthenaOfDelphi) would like to take this oppourtunity to thank everyone involved in getting the project going, thanks guys for your help, it really is appreciated, so for those of you we can remember....

Ascendant Design and Illustration

A special thanks has to go to Andrew Warne of Ascendant Design and Illustration for his hardwork in preparing all the 3D graphics used for the splash screen and the library images and some additional site graphics.

Ascendant are available for freelance work. Please visit the Ascendant web site at:

Thanks Andy. Love and hugs Christina

Play Testers

Thanks guys and gals, your help in fixing up the problems has really been appreciated. We couldn't have done it without you. Its been a long road and a long the way, we've met many many people... so many in fact that we can't remember everyone, so... Quite simply... to all our betacrew (you know who you are)... Thanks.

Other People

Nigel Byde (thanks Nige, they are excellent), Julia (for putting up with us and our PC's), Lynn and David (you know what for), countless games (for inspiration)

Site Developement Tools

Outer Reaches - The Second Beginning game web sites

Database services running on...

Database services

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