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Matter Transport

Matter Transport Control

This shows the name and coordinates of the planet that you are currently on. There is an arrow at either side to allow quick access to your other planets, click here for more information on the Planet Navigator.

Amounts To Transfer

Target - Here you can select the target planet you wish to transfer your resources or weapons to. Unlike using ships, this way of transporting goods is instant, however it may only be used Once every 5 minutes to allow it to be recharged.

Item - Lists the name of the item.
Stock - Shows the amount of stock on the planet.
Target Stock - This shows the stock on the planet you have selected as the target.
Transfer - This is where you enter the amount of stock to be transfered to the target planet.
Max - Check this box if you wish to transfer the maximum number of resources/weapons to the target planet.

The maximum number of resources that can be tranported in one go is 500,000 of each.
The Maximum number of weapons that can be transported in one go is 50,000 of each.

Once you have finished deciding what to send click the "Transfer" button to send.

Please Note - Only the planets that have a matter transporter built on them can send and recieve the goods. Also you can only use the matter transporter to send goods between your own planets.

Matter Transport and Matter Catcher Formula and Operation

Below you will find the formula and rules that govern the operation of the matter transporter and its nemesis; the matter catcher.

Matter Catcher

Each matter catcher can target five planets. As the number of targets increases, the chance of intercepting a matter stream from a particular target drops. The formula for calculating the base chance of successfully intercepting a matter stream is as follows. In the examples that follow, figures in [ ] indicate system constants.

Chance Of Success = Base Chance [80] - ( ( Number Of Targets - 1 ) X Chance Loss [15] )

Using this formula, we can generate the following table that shows the chances of success for 1 to 5 targets.

TargetsBase Chance

This provides only the base chance of successfully intercepting a transport. The actual chance you have of intercepting a matter stream is calculated based on the number of signal boosters you have on the catcher planet and how many interference generators there are on the planet sending the transfer. This chance adjustment is also used to determine how much you steal when you are successful. The chance adjustment is calculated as follows.

Chance Adjustment = ( ( ( Boosters + BoostOffset [5] ) / BoostFactor [5] ) / ( IGens + IGenOffset [1] ) )

This chance adjustment is applied to the chance of success as follows.

Actual Chance Of Stealing = Chance Of Success X Chance Adjustment

Assuming you are successful, the amount you can steal is calculated as follows.

Percentage To Steal = Base Percentage To Steal [5] X Chance Adjustment

If your catcher intercepts a matter stream, you will be receive details of what you stole and from where in your news.

Matter Transporter

Each transporter can only be used once every 5 minutes. When it is used, it can transfer a maximum of 500000 unit of each resource and 50000 of each weapon. During the transfer, there is a possibility that a stream breakdown will occur and you will lose some of your stock. There is a 70% chance that the stream will retain its integrity.

If a stream breakdown does occur, you could lose between 0.6666% and 19.998% of the transfer.

There is also a chance that your matter stream will be intercepted. If it is, the most you could lose is between 20% and 70% of the transfer after losses from possible stream breakdowns have been taken into account.

If someone does steal from your matter stream, you may be able to obtain their coordinates. This depends on two key factors. As defined below.


In other words, to obtain their coordinates, the planet that originated the transfer must have a running intelligence agency AND the chance adjustment must be tipped in our favour (i.e. it should be less than 1).

Once a transfer is complete, you will receive a full report of what was sent, what was received and where appropriate what was lost due to a stream break down and what was stolen. If you obtain any thieves coordinates they will be listed along with the total number of thieves. If you are a victim of matter theft details of the theft and the coordinates you manage to obtain will be logged in your news.

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