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Data Protection

All personal information you enter during the signup/payment process is private and confidential. No one except Outer Reaches Studios staff and in-game administrators have access to it.

We will not under any circumstances share your details with any other company, and whilst we may from time to time send you email's about The Outer Reaches, we will never sell your email addresses or any other data to third parties.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act, we are not obliged to reqister our use of your personal data as we store and use it only whilst we are providing services to your account. We do not sell, lease or grant access to our database to any Corporation or other entity.

The data we collect may be used to obtain demographics about the playerbase. This demographic data cannot be linked back to individual players. We reserve the right to publish this demographic data in anyway we wish, providing it cannot be linked to individual players without access to our service databases.


In accordance with recent European Union legislation, we would like to take this oppourtunity to tell you how we use cookies.

For those of you who don't know, a cookie in this context is a small text file sent to your web browser by web servers. When you request a page from the web server or the domain which sent the cookie, the browser sends it back to the web server with your request.

There are two distinct types of cookie. The first and probably the most common is one which remains on your computer for a period of time until the cookie expires (we will call this type a 'cookie'). The second exists only for as long as your web browser is running and it is never saved on your machine (we will call this type a 'session cookie').

We only use the second type... session cookies. They work like this... when you start your browser and request a page from our servers, they recognise that you have not sent them a cookie. The server which received your initial request will send you a new session cookie. This cookie contains only enough data to uniquely identify the session between your browser and our web servers. It holds NO information which can directly identify you.

When you close all your web browser windows, the session cookie sent to you by our web servers will be forgotten. It is NOT a cookie which stays on your machine. The content of this cookie is unique to this session, and it contains no information which can identify you directly.

Unfortunately we cannot comply entirely with the European rulings since we are supposed to (a) inform you that we use cookies, (b) inform you how we use cookies and (c) give you the option of not using cookies. We hope we have achieved (a) and (b), but even now, there is a session cookie stored in your web browser called ORSEV2SESH (that is of course assuming that you haven't blocked cookies), thus making it impossible to achieve (c). The choice is simple however. If you wish to play The Outer Reaches, you MUST enable session cookies.

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