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Game Concepts

Some people may take one look at the game and think again about playing due to its complexity. Listed below are the main concepts of the game to help people learn the game more quickly and hopefully encourage most to give it a chance.


To get anywhere with research, you are required to build several types of research centers (the same type in most cases). An example of this would be the Steel Extractor, it requires 2 building, 2 science and 1 tech research center to allow it to be researched. The different types of research centers are listed below. Research & Development is accessed through the Command Center pull down menu.

Building Research Center
Unit Research Center
Ship Research Center
Tech Research Center
Science Research Center
Weapons Research Center

Not all of the research can be completed with just one planet, so expansion is required. All research is done through the command center and the resources used are taken from your homeworld (planet you start with), so you must make sure that the resources are there in order to start a research. Research centers may be built on any planet you own, they will all be included in the total amount available for research.


The Planet Lotto can be accessed through the Outer Reaches pull down menu and requires 5 Kalamite Crystals to purchase 1 line of 5 numbers. All Kalamite Crystals used are taken from the Homeworld of a player so they must be on the Homeworld to play it.

Power and fuel

Almost all buildings will require power to run, the solar farm is the only power station that requires no fuel to run. The rest will require you to mine uranium and plutonium in order to run them. If you dont have enough fuel to run a power station it will shut down, resulting in the loss of power to other buildings. If this happens you will need to get more fuel and turn the buildings back on manually (all controlled in the building manager screen on a planet).

Random Resources

All uncolonised planets are effected by a random resource adjustment, all planets will produce at least 1% of a resource, however building that particular extractor on the planet will only produce a very small amount of the resource. The PMM (Planet Management Module) that is built on a planet when it's colonised is also effected by the random changes. A Geological Probe will show what the random adjustments are on any planet (including Uncolonised ones).

Space on Planets

Each planet has a limit on how much space it has to build on. When you can no longer build anything on it, it's time to either get another planet and continue to expand your area of influence within the universe or demolish some of the current buildings on the planet to make more space. There is a random adjustment factor to the space on all uncolonised planets in the game. A Geological Probe can be very useful in giving the details of how much space is on a planet before you colonise or take it by force.


Probes can be used to find out things about a planet, such as ground units, available space, buildings, ships, fleets and resources. An Intelligence Agency is required to allow the production of any probes that have been researched.


The Currency used in the Outer Reaches is Kalamite Crystals. There are 2 ways in which to get these Crystals...

1. Mine Kalamite using a Kalamite Extractor on a planet and build a Kalamite Refinery to refine it into Kalamite Crystals.
2. Use a Trade Center and sell ships, weapons, ground units or resources to the Traders.


There are 2 ways to trade in the outer reaches, you can either trade with a group known as the Traders or you can choose to trade with other players. Before trading is possible, a Trade Center is required to be built on the planet that you wish to trade from or have goods delivered to. The planet must also have a supply of Kalamite Crystals to allow the purchase of goods.

Raider Attacks

There are a group of thieves within the Outer Reaches known as The Raiders, they will start attacking any planets that reach a score of 100,000 (this does NOT include a players total score, just the planet score). Be sure to build some ships that target Resource class ships to try and stop them stealing your resources.


To expand within the Outer Reaches universe you must do one of two things...

To colonise a planet you will require a (TR.2) Transport class 2 ship, also called the genesis. This is the only ship capable of colonising empty or abandoned planets.

To invade a planet you must have ground units, they can be added to a fleet if there is a (TR.1) Transport Class 1 or (TR.3) Transport Class 3 ship added to the fleet. Each class has a different amount of space available, a different amount of armour and a different travel time.
When the fleet arrives at the planet being invaded, the transports will only land on the planet surface when all of the ships and pds, that target the transport ships have been destroyed, recalled or frozen during the fight, the planet invasion will then begin. If you are succesful, you will become the new owner of the planet and all of the buildings and fleets that are currently owned by the planet.
Only when all the defending ground units and PDS are destroyed can you claim the planet. Any fleets owned by the planet that are being transfered or sent to other planets at the time you take control, will become yours (these fleets will be automatically recalled back to the planet).

Please Note - By taking control of a new planet, you will recieve a -20% reduction in all resources produced, on all planets, only until you have developed a planet by filling 50% of its ground space. Once you reach 50% on a planet you will regain the 20% resource production lost, unless you colonise or conquor a new one straight after. Please think before you get another planet, or you could end up having to abandon one.

Sending fighter class ships out of the quadrant

Fighter class ships cannot leave the quadrant they are in without the use of a carrier class ship. They are not capable of hyperspace jumps on their own so the (CA.1) Carrier class 1 or (CA.2) Carrier class 2 ships must be placed into the same fleet you wish to put your fighters in. They can travel to any planet within a quadrant they are currently in without any need for carriers.

Fleet orders

With the fleet orders you can travel to one planet, once there you may travel to another, without the need to recall back to the original planet you sent from.

Please Note - Attack, defend and Intercept are the exceptions to this rule and have to be recalled either back to the planet they launched from or back to the homeworld that controls them.

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