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Buying From Players

To trade with other players in the game you need to have a Trade Center built on the planet where you want the goods delivered, this will open up the player to player trade option.

Search For Stock to Buy

This shows the name and coordinates of the planet that you are currently on. There is an arrow at either side to allow quick access to your other planets, click here for more information on the Planet Navigator.

Here you have the chance to look for the stock you want to buy from other players (if they want to sell anything) :-

Look For Planets Selling

Requirement - Choose the items your looking for by using the selectors.
Sort by… - You can select how the list should be sorted by choosing one from the selectors.

Once you have selected the items and how you want the list to be sorted, click the "Search" button to look for the planets selling them.

Search Results

If any players are selling items you want, they will be displayed in this section. The search will find the best 100 results matching your search.

Requirement - This will display the list of items you were looking for.
Qty - This will show the quantity available to buy.
Unit Price - This will show the cost the player is asking for each unit.
Locale ETC - This will show the amount of time it will take to complete the trade (this will change depending on the distance between yours and the players planet). You Will need a landing pad to be able to receive any items from any other planet or the Traders.
View - Clicking the View link will show you the entire list of items that the player is selling and allow you to buy from them. Click here for a description of the purchase screen.

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