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Player To Player Trade

Current Sale Stock

This shows the name and coordinates of the planet that you are currently on. There is an arrow at either side to allow quick access to your other planets, click here for more information on the Planet Navigator.

This will show the current stock that YOU have for sale on this planet.

Item - This will list the Items you currently have for sale.
Qty For Sale - This will show the amount you have for sale.
Unit Price - This is the price that each unit will cost.
Stock Value - This is the total value of the item your selling.

Please Note - 1 unit = 1 item, there is only one exception to this and that is with the resources,
1 unit = 1000 resources.

To put an item up for sale click the Sell button located on the left hand side menu. For more details on selling items to other players click here
To purchase items from other players click the Buy button located on the left hand side menu. For more details on buying items from other players click here

Trades In Progress

This will show the current trades that you have in progress and the (ETC) Estimated Time to Complete for the trade.
The time it takes to arrive from other players, is dependant upon how far away they are from the planet you used to do the trading with. Please see below for the list of how long it will take :-

Trader in same quadrant (3 hours).
Trader in same galaxy (4 hours).
Trader in same cluster (5 hours).
Trader in the universe (6 hours).

Please Note - When trading with the AI Traders the time is 6 hours no matter where you are, so trading with other players can be very beneficial.

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