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Fleet Orders

Current Orders

This will display the current orders of the fleet.

New Orders

This section is where all orders are assigned to a fleet, here is a description of all the orders and what they do :-

Go to planet

This will send the fleet to any planet you choose, if the planet is not yours and is under attack from hostile forces, your fleet will NOT join in the battle.

Station at planet

This will station your fleet at any planet you choose, if the planet that you have the fleet stationed at comes under attack by hostile forces, your fleet WILL join in the conflict on the side of the defenders.

Transfer ships to planet

This will allow you to change the home planet of a fleet, this will only work within your own empire. You CANNOT transfer the ownership of a fleet to a friend or ally.

Defend planet

This order will allow you to send your fleet to defend a friend, ally or one of your own planets for up to 72 hours.

Attack planet

This order will allow you to send your fleet to attack your enemies for up to 72 hours, you CANNOT take control of a planet with this order but you can land and attack the planet if you have ground units within your fleet.

Invade planet

This order will allow you to send your fleet to attack an enemy planet and take control of it by force. To use this order you must have a Transport Class ship (not including the Genesis Class) with Ground Units on board, once you have destroyed all the enemy PDS/ships that target your transport ships, your Ground Units will start a battle on the planet surface to try and take the planet. If you destroy all enemy PDS and Ground Units, the planet will become yours.
NOTE : When you have taken control of the planet, ALL buildings that CAN be turned off, will be. You WILL need to turn them back on yourself.

Please Note - If your Transport ship is destroyed in the space conflict, you will not be able to take control of the planet because all your Ground Units will be dead.

Colonise planet

This order allows you to colonise a planet without a fight, you must have a Genesis Class Transport ship in the fleet to do this. Only 1 Genesis can be placed in a fleet at any one time.

Rescue stranded fighters

This order will allow you to rescue your stranded Fighters and return them home, you will need a Carrier Class ship to do this.

To choose the coordinates of the target planet, either enter the coordinates in the edit boxes provided or click on the Target Planet link and choose them from the hit list.

Intercept Fleet

This order will allow your fleet to intercept and destroy other fleets before they reach their destination, you MUST select either the intercept attack fleet or the intercept defend/neutral fleet, before an intercept order can be launched. If you have a Vampire Class resource ship in your fleet, you can steal resources from enemy freighters or planets.
To intercept a fleet you MUST know where it has departed from and where it is going to, the coordinates must be entered in the boxes provided or by clicking on the Fleet origin and Fleet Destination links, you can then choose from the hit list (if you have the coordinates in there). You can only intercept a fleet if your ETA to its destination, is quicker.

Interplanetary Transport

This order allows you to assign a fleet to automatically transport resources and weapons between planets, once this order is set, it will keep on running until you change its orders. You CANNOT pick cargo up from other peoples planets, they also need a landing pad for you to be able to deliver cargo to them. You need a Freighter Class ship to do this ( the Genesis Class transport will also hold a few resources).
You can either set the coordinates manually or you can click on the links called Pickup Cargo From and Deliver Cargo To, then select the coordinates from the hit list.

You can select how long you want the fleet to stay at the pickup and delivery point for by entering the numbers in the edit boxes provided. If you stay at the pickup point for 3 hours then your fleet will remain at the planet for 3 hours and pickup the amount you have specified each hour. If you have assigned the fleet to pickup 300 silica, it will leave the planet 3 hours later with 900 silica and take it to the drop off point.

Cargo Selection is where you will tell the fleet what resources/weapons to pick up and how many. You MUST have the amount in the boxes provided for this to work.

Return to Home Planet

This order will take the fleet back to its home planet, this is the planet that it was either created at or transferred to.

Return to Station

This order will take the fleet back to the planet it was last stationed at.


This order will take the fleet back to the last planet it was sent from.

You can delay the departure of a fleet by entering how long you want it to wait before leaving. When the time has ellapsed it will leave and carry out the order you have set.

Once you have selected the order you want the fleet to carry out, click the "Execute Orders" button.

Please Note - You can only select 1 order at any one time, click on the circle next to the order to select it.

Rename Fleet

This will allow you to change the name of the fleet, this can be done at any point during the game.

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