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Planet Lotto

You've got to play it to win it!

To play the Planet Lotto, you will need 5 Kalamite Crystals to pay for 1 ticket. This will always be taken from your home world (the planet you started the game on). You can only have 5 numbers on each ticket, the numbers range between 1 - 36.
All Kalamite Crystals used to buy the tickets, will form the jackpot and the main prize pool. Match 3 numbers and get a guaranteed prize of 20 Kalamite Crystals, match 4 and you'll get a share of the main prize pool. To win a share or all of the jackpot prize pool, you need to match all 5 numbers drawn.
In this section you will be able to see which numbers were drawn and how many winners there are. If no one wins, the jackpot will roll over to the next week. The lotto will run once every week.

Tickets For The Last Draw

You can see which numbers you had for the previous draw and if you matched any of the numbers drawn, you will see them highlighted in this section. If you wish to keep any of these tickets for the next draw, tick the check box next to the ticket you want to keep and click the Buy Ticket button.

Buy Tickets

If you want to buy new tickets it can be done here, you can either enter the numbers you want manually or you can tick the check boxes to do random numbers, once you have finished click the Buy Ticket button.

Tickets For The Next Draw

This will show you what tickets you have purchased for the next draw.

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