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Fleet Strategy

Fleet Strategy

The Fleet Strategy editor is availible through either the fleets option in the command center pull down menu or through the planets fleets option in the planet manager - Ships/Fleets menu.

Editing Combat Strategy

Here it lists the Ship Name - Default Firing Order and Targets - Current Firing Order and Targets - Selection for Firing Order and Targets - Quantity of ships in the fleet.
To change the strategy, simply change the selection using the boxes provided and click submit. No type of ships in the fleet can ever have the same firing order. If you want to store a strategy you can click the edit strategy 1 - 4 buttons in the left hand side menu, when you have edited the strategy and are happy with it, click the submit button to save it. If at any time you wish to recall a strategy previously saved, check the box in the Use Predefined Strategy section and click submit. You should get a strategy string appear in a box at the bottom of the page, this can be copied and pasted to a friend for them to use the same strategy.

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