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Intelligence Agency

Intelligence Agency

This shows the name and coordinates of the planet that you are currently on. There is an arrow at either side to allow quick access to your other planets, click here for more information on the Planet Navigator.

This is accessed through the planet manager only when you have the Intelligence Agency research completed, the button will NOT be available until then.

Here you will see all the probes you have researched and how many you have of each one.

Order Probes

This shows you the resources available to the production team followed by the list of probes you have available to build.

Probe Type: This shows you the probes available and the resource cost to build them.
Qty. Required: This is where you enter the amount you want to build.

Once you have entered the amount of probes you want, click the Order Probes button.

Available Probes

This will list all the available probes that your intelligence agency has in stock on the planet.

Launch Probes

This is where all your probes are launched, 3 probes can be sent at any one time by selecting what probe you want and where you want to send it.

Probe Type: This is where you will select which probe you want to use.
Destination: Enter the coordinates of the planet you want to target.
Pick Target: Use this link to select coordinates you have stored in the hit list.

Once you have finished your selection, click the Launch Probes button.

Probe Production

This will display what probes are currently being built, the amount left and the time remaining until they are completed.

Chance Of Success

Each probe has a basic chance of success. By building Probe Boosters at the planet launching the probe, you can increase this chance. The target can decrease the probes chance of success by building Interference Generators.

The basic chance of success for each probe type is listed in the table below.

Probe Name Basic Chance Of Success
Geological Probe 60 %
Planetary Probe 50 %
Ground Probe 40 %
Fleet Probe 60 %
Advanced Fleet Probe 50 %
Fleet Signature Probe 40 %
Info Probe 30 %

Here we have an example of how a probes chance of success is calculated.

Planet A Launches a Geological Probe against Planet B. Planet A has 1000 Probe Boosters and Planet B has 750 Interference Generators.

The chance of success is calculated as follows (The figures in [ ] indicate the values of system constants that are fixed for all calculations involving signal boosters and interference generators).
Stage Description Calculation   Example Calculation Result
1. Calculate Chance Adjustment Chance Adjustment = ( ( ( Boosters + BoosterOffset [5] ) / Boost Factor [5] ) / (IGens + IGenOffset [1] ) => (((1000+5)/5)/(750+1) 0.268
2. Calculate Actual Chance Of Success Actual Chance Of Success = Base Chance X Chance Adjustment => 60 X 0.268 16.059%
3. Check whether chance is below the minimum Chance Of Success < Minimum Chance [1%] => Is 16.059 < 1 NO
Chance of success is:


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