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There are two ways to access this page.

The first is from the Command Center which will display all of the fleets you have, which planets they belong to (based at) and the current status of the fleets.

The second is "Planets Fleets" from the ships menu in the planet manager, the difference with selecting this one is that only the planet you are currently on will be displayed.

Fleet Name - This shows the name of the fleet, the quantity of ships in the fleet and if the fleet is "Empty" (White) or Loaded with cargo (yellow).
Ships - This will allow you to see a breakdown of what ships are in the fleet by clicking the View link. For more details on the Fleet breakdown click here
Orders - This will allow you to see a fleets orders by clicking the View link. You will also assign new orders to the fleet from here. For more details on Fleet Orders click here
Cargo - If a fleet has any cargo you can see a breakdown of the cargo it is carrying by clicking the View link. If a fleet has no cargo then the link is replaced by the name "None" and cannot be clicked on. For more details on the Cargo breakdown click here
Strategy - By clicking on the View link, you will be able to change the firing order and the order in which you shoot at other classes of ship.

Stranded Fighters

If at any point in the game you launch an attack outside the quadrant you have a planet in, you will have to have your Fighter Class ships in the same fleet as Carrier class ships. While in a battle if you lose the Carrier Class, your Fighters will become stranded due to lack of Hyperspace capability and will require you to rescue them.

Location - This will show the location where your fighters are stranded. By clicking the coordinates you will be given a breakdown of what Fighters are stranded there
Qty - This shows the amount of Fighters stranded at the coordinates.
Life (Hours) - This will show how long your Fighters have left before they die due life support failiure. You will be allowed 72 hours before they are lost, you have to send a new Carrier to rescue them.
Total - This will give a total number of how many Fighters are stranded.

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