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Fleet Creator

Fleet Creator

This shows the name and coordinates of the planet that you are currently on. There is an arrow at either side to allow quick access to your other planets, click here for more information on the Planet Navigator.

Fleets Currently In Orbit

This will display all the fleets that are in orbit around the planet, by clicking on the name of a fleet you can see the breakdown of what ships are in it.

Please Note - A fleet Must be "Empty" of All cargo for it to appear in orbit and be manipulated.

Fleet Builder

This option is only available when you have ships or a fleet in orbit that has No Cargo on board.

Ship - This will list the name of the ships you have built, purchased through trading or currently have in a fleet orbiting the planet.
In Orbit - The amount of ships you currently have in orbit around this planet will be displayed here.
There are 4 pull down boxes to allow 4 fleets to be edited at the same time, also fleets can be created by selecting New in the pull down list. Once a fleet has been selected, a list of all the ships in the fleet will be displayed in the edit fields below.
To add or remove ships simply enter the amount of ships you want in the fleet, in the fields below it. If you want to remove ships from the fleet then place a 0 in the edit field and all ships that were in the fleet will be moved to the planets orbit once the transfer ships button has been clicked.
If you have ships in orbit but no fleets then select New from the pull down list and a new fleet will be created, you can give the fleet a new name by editing the box at the bottom of the fields list, by default a new fleet is called "New Fleet" so change this name to a name of your choice and when the transfer ships button has be selected, your fleet will be created with the name you have chosen.
To destroy a fleet, select it from the list and tick the disband box at the bottom of the edit fields and select the Transfer Ships button. Any ships in a fleet when it is dibanded will be placed into orbit around the current planet.
There is a "Check" button to allow you to check all the data you have entered is correct and allowed, one example of this would be if you have tried to place more ships than you have, into fleets, you will not be allowed to make the changes and the field where the invalid data is will light up in yellow to show where you have an error. Once you are happy with everything, click the Transfer Ships button to complete the process.

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