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Ship Production

Ship Production

This shows the name and coordinates of the planet that you are currently on. There is an arrow at either side to allow quick access to your other planets, click here for more information on the Planet Navigator.

Factory Allocation

To begin the production of any ships, you MUST have at least one factory allocated to a group. There are three groups to allow more production to be done at the same time.

Running factories - This will show you how many factories you have powered up on the planet.
Factory improvement - This will show if you have the advanced improvement for your factory.
Allocated to groups - This shows how many of your factories are allocated to the groups.
Unallocated - This shows how many powered up factories are not allocated to a group.

Here is an example of how the production works, we will use a Viper Class Fighter for this example :-

It will take 2 ticks to buld between 1 and 10 Vipers, 4 ticks to build between 11 and 20 vipers (these can be built 10 at a time, not all ships can be built using this quantity).

Group 1 - This has 1 factory allocated to it, between 1 and 10 vipers will take 2 ticks to build in this group.
Group 2 - This has 2 factories allocated to it, between 1 and 20 vipers will take 2 ticks to build in this group.
Group 3 - This has 3 factories allocated to it, between 1 and 30 vipers will take 2 ticks to build in this group.

Place the amount of factories you want in the group you want it in and click the Make Changes button. When a group is building something, you CANNOT place more factories into that group until you either finish or cancel the current production.

Please Note - Weapons are needed to build ships, if you do not have the correct type and number of weapons for the ships you are trying to build, you will NOT be able to build them.


This section shows the resources available to the production team and also it is where you will build your ships.

FactoryGroup - This shows the group number.
Group Status - This will show if the group is idle or active.
Ship - Select the ship you wish to build, only the ships you have researched will be visible.
Quantity To Do - Put the amount that you want to build in the edit box provided, once you have clicked the Make Changes button it will show how many are left to build.
E.T.C. - This shows the Estimated Time Of Completion (how long is left to build them).
Cancel - If you wish to cancel a group that has started production, click the check box in the group you wish to cancel and then click the Make Changes button.

Please Note - If you wanted to build 10 viper class fighters and have completed 3 of them, you then decide you want to cancel the production, the 3 that you have already built will remain in orbit around your planet, the other 7 will be canceled and some of the resources used for them will be returned to you.
Additional Note - Only 3 space stations may currently be built in orbit around any planet, if you try to build any more, they will be destroyed.

Production Queue

This is where you can decide what you would like each group to start next when it has finished building its current ships.

Slot - There are 3 slots available to queue your next ship productions.
Ship - Select the ship you want to queue.
Qty - Put the quantity of the ship you want to build in the edit box provided.
Group - Select the group you want the production to start in when it has finished its current production.
Remove - To remove the items from the queue, select the check box provided and then select the Make Changes button, the slot will then be cleared.

Resource Calculator

This will allow you to select the ships with the amount you want to build and then show you how much it will cost to do them, select the ship, put in a quantity and then click the "Submit" button.

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