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Planet Home Page

Planet Home Page

This shows the name and coordinates of the planet that you are currently on. There is an arrow at either side to allow quick access to your other planets, click here for more information on the Planet Navigator.

Stored Resources

These are the resources that you currently have in the planet stores.

Resource Flow

This shows the amount of resources you are producing every tick.

Resource Distribution

This section shows the random adjustment of resources on the planet, some will go up and others will be reduced. It effects all planets apart from homeworlds.

Planet Power

This shows how much power you have available to run your buildings.

Planet Name (Public)

You can change the name of your planets at any point in the game by replacing the name in the edit box provided and clicking the Rename Planet button. This name is made public and anyone in the game may see it.

Planet Description (Private)

This will allow you to give your planet a private description so you can easily see what it does (no one else in the game will see this name).

Defence Strategy

By selecting this you are able to set each class of ship a new firing order and the order in which they will shoot their selected targets. They are set to the default order until manually changed.
Please Note - Players do not have to use this if it seems too complicated.

Tick Data

This shows what time the last tick happened and the current tick number.

Possible Planet Options Available

There will be several different planet options available as you progress through the game. Only 2 are available at the start of a new account, they are Planet Home Page and Buildings.
Once all options are researched the list will look something like this...

Planet Home Page
Ground Units
Kalamite Refinery
Intelligence Agency
Trade Center
Matter Transport
Matter Catcher

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