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Initially you are not a member of any tags so this page will explain a little bit about it.

When your not a member of a tag you will have several side menu options, these are as follows :-



Here you can sort the tag list by 1 of the 4 options, they are Alphabetical, Score, Planets or Members. Click on whichever you wish to sort it by.

Tag List Sorted By Tag (Selection)

Here you can see the list of tags and other information about them. They are as follows :-

Tag - This lists all the tags.
Tag Name - This shows the full name of the tags.
Members - How many members each tag currently has.
Planets - Total number of planets that players have within the tag.
Score - This shows the total score of all members within the tag.


This is where you can see a list of all the tags that are currently recruiting.

Tags Currently Recruiting

You can see the Tag and Tag name of those that are recruiting. 3 other options can been seen here and they can be clicked, they are as follows:

About - When clicked, this will bring up the Tag Information and Rules. If you decide you want to join this Tag, there is a "join" link at the bottom of the page.
Join - Once clicked you will be asked for the tag password, enter it here and click the Submit button.
Apply - By clicking this, you will be able to send an application directly to the owner of the tag you wish to join.


Selecting this from the side menu will bring up a tag ID box, enter the tag ID and click the submit button. Once done you will have to enter the password and click the submit button to join.


This is where you can create a new Tag. A player can only be a member of 1 Tag at any one time.

Create Tag

In this section you will be required to fill out the Create Tag form, the information required is as follows :-


Tag (10 Chars) - Create a tag using upto 10 Characters.
Tag Name (40 chars) - Enter the tag name using upto 40 characters.
Password (16 chars) - Enter a tag password using upto 16 characters.
Confirm Password - Re-enter the password


These are the default permissions that all new members to your Tag will be given when they join. A Tag owner can change an individual players permissions at any time, there are 3 permissions that can be set as a default, these are as follows:

Top Check Box - Tag members with this permission can see which planets belong to other members of their Tag, but not who owns them.
Middle Check Box - As above, but they can also see who owns each planet. They can also access the member list.
Bottom Check Box - Tag members with this permission can use the Tag mail functions to send messages to all tag members.

Simply tick all boxes you wish to apply as the default permissions.


Here you can enter a little bit of information about the tag. This can be seen by anyone trying to join your tag.


All the rules of the tag can be placed in this section. Players trying to join, can see this before applying.

Once you are happy with everything, click the Submit button to create the tag.

If you have not applied to join any tags, this page will simply tell you so.

Application History

Here you will see the tag, tag name, date, time and also the message you sent when applying to join the tag. To cancel the request, simply click on the "Cancel Application" link. Note Only the last 10 tags applied to, will be shown.

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