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Quadrant View

Quadrant Quick Select

Accessed by clicking the command center pull down menu and selecting Quadrants, it will list what quadrants your account has planets in. Just click which quadrant you wish to look at.
These sections will light up if you have any incoming fleets within the quadrant. The option to see the incoming fleets is on the left hand side menu.

Quadrant View

This displays the name and coordinates of the current quadrant, the arrows allow you to move forward and back through each quadrant.

This section also displays what planets are populated, the example below shows what a player can see when they have a planet in that quadrant :-

Planet 1 - This player is offline, not in protection or vacation.
Planet 2 - This player is online, not in protection or vacation and has 2 planets.
Planet 3 - This is your planet, you are online and still under protection.

Please Note - By clicking a planet number that does not belong to you, you can add the planets coordinates to your hit list.

Planet Status   Tag Planet Name Ruler Planets Planet Score Total Score
   A Planet  A Player 1 1350 1350
 Tag Name  Another Planet  Another Player 2 3500 4650
 Tag Name  Your Planet  You 1 600 600

Planet - Shows the planet number.
Status - Shows if a player is on / offline or in protection / vacation.
Tag - This will Display a players Tag if they have one.
Planet Name - This shows the name given to a planet.
Ruler - This will display the rulers name (screen name).
Planets - This shows the number of planets owned by the player.
Planet Score - This will display the score for the planet.
Total Score - This is the total score for the players account.

The next example below shows what details are seen when looking at a quadrant you do NOT have a planet in.

Planet Status   Tag Planet Name Ruler Planets Planet Score Total Score
   Yet Another Planet     2050  
   And Another Planet     1320  
Uninhabited Planets

This section displays all the planets that are uninhabited, planets numbered 1-12 cannot be colonised as they are reserved for players who sign up and are known as the Home Worlds (these planets CANNOT be taken over by another player).
Planets numbered 13 - 36 are free for anyone to colonise or take from other players. Abandoned Planets can be re-colonised, anything left there can be claimed by the new owner.
If one of these planets have a colonise fleet heading to it, it will light up to show it can no longer be colonised by anyone else. These planets can be added to a players hit list by selecting the planet number you wish to add.

Key To Planet Numbers

As you may have spotted, the colours used for the planet numbers indicate a variety of different things. The colours and their meanings are detailed in the table below.

Reserved As A Homeworld - Cannot Be Colonised
Abandoned Planet - Available to Colonise
Planet Cannot Be Colonised - If you let your mouse cursor hover over the image, a tool tip will popup thats tells you why you can't colonise it.
Tag Members Planets - You probably shouldn't attack these
Your planets
Safe Targets - Planets you can definitely attack
Everything Else - All other planets are displayed using this colour scheme
Select Quadrant

This section allows you to quickly enter the quadrant coordinates you wish to look at, click the Select Quadrant button to go there. You can also click on the Pick From Hit List link to select the coordinates from your hit list.

Quadrant View Key

This is a quick reference to the two staus indicators for a planet.

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