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Building Manager

This section can be accessed through the Buildings button in the Planet Manager Screen or by clicking the quick link letter B in the planets pull down menu, it allows you to have full control over what buildings are built, turned on/off and demolished.

Ground Space/Power Level

This shows you how much ground space is left on your planet, the random adjustment taken or added to a planet and the current power level remaining.

Resources Availible To Construction Team

Here is the total ammount of resorces availible to the construction team on this planet.

Construction Queue

You can queue up to a maximum of 3 buildings at any one time, The building in Slot 1 will start when the current building has been completed.

Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3
Solar Farm --Empty-- --Empty--
Clear Queue

To clear an individual slot, click on the name of the building in the queue that you wish to clear. To clear the whole queue, click the Clear Queue button and they will all be cleared.
Please Note - If you have buildings queued but not enough resources to start it when the current building has completed, your whole queue WILL be canceled.

Currently Building

This will display what the planet is currently building and how long is left to complete it.

Building/Construction Management

This shows the name and coordinates of the planet that you are currently on. There is an arrow at either side to allow quick access to your other planets, click here for more information on the Planet Navigator.

Here you have what resources are available to the construction team, a summary of how much space is left on the planet and also what Power is available is below this.

Below is an example of the main section where you control your buildings :-

Solar Farm (9 running, producing 900 power)
9 on planet. Space taken 18 Build Queue Running Demolish
750 Silica 615 Aluminium required to build in 6 hours

This will show you the name of the building (Solar Farm), how many you have running and what it is producing, how many you have built with the planet space used, what resources are required to build it and the amount of time it will take to build it.
If you select the Build button, it will start construction of this building as long as you have the resources required. Once you have started construction of a building it is possible to stop it and start another one by clicking on Cancel.
Please Note - When you cancel the construction of a building, you will get a quantity of the resources required to build it back. This quantity is worked out using the following formula:-

Quantity Returned = ( Time Left / Time To Build ) * Quantity Required To Build

If the quantity returned is calculated to be less than 50%, then you will receive a 50% return. For example (calculating the returned value of Silica only), if you are building an Aluminium Extractor... It requires 575 units of Silica and 6 hours to build.

Ticks Left Silica Returned
6(6/6) * 575 => 575
5(5/6) * 575 => 479
4(4/6) * 575 => 383
3(3/6) * 575 => 286
2(2/6) * 575 => 286

Please Note - Since it is not possible to cancel with 1 tick left, the return has not been calculated.

If you select the Queue button, it will place this building into the first available slot in the queue.
Running: You can control how many you want to have running by entering the number you want in the edit box provided, the number you type in this box will be the amount that will run once you have clicked the Make Changes button.
Demolish: You can demolish any building or amount of buildings by using the edit box provided, enter the amount of buildings you wish to demolish and use the little check box next to it to confirm your action, then select the Make Changes button to complete the demolition.
Please Note - When you demolish a building, you will receive 50% of the resources back that you used to construct it. The only time buildings may not currently be demolished, is when the planet has a hostile fleet incoming.

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