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Research and Development

Research Control Center

Every item of research can be accessed through this.

Resources Available To Research Labs

This shows you what resources are available to the research team.

Available Research Centers

This allows you to see how many research centers you have within your empire. For this example we will use the Building Research Center:-

This shows that you have all the resarch centers you have built, running.

Total 2

This means that you have 2 of that research center in total but only 1 is running. These can be turned on and off from the 'Buildings' section of the Planet Manager. Click here for more information about buildings.

Total 2  Run 1

Research Queue

The research queue has 3 slots available, below is an example of the Research Queue section. Slot 1 has an item of research queued, if you wanted to cancel the item then you would click the name of it (right of the slot number) and it will be removed. If anything is in slot 2, it will then be placed into slot 1 automatically.
If you wanted to clear all the items in the queue, you would click the link named Clear Queue at the bottom of the research queue itself.

Please Note - that slot 1 will always be the first item started when the current research has finished.

Slot 1 Weapons Development
Slot 2 --Empty--
Slot 3 --Empty--
Clear Queue  

Currently Researching

This will show what research is currently being done and how long it has left to complete it.

Research List

This is where all the research is done, it shows which resources and research centers are required to do each item, it also gives you the time required to complete each one.
Images are visible if the item of research allows you to produce or build anything once it is complete. Clicking the image will take you to the catalogue page for that item and show a little bit more information about it.
By clicking on the name of the research you want to do, you will be taken into the on-line Tech Tree, where information is available to learn more about it and also allows you to plan your next steps with Research. To start a research, click on the link called Research and it will be started if you have the correct resources and research centers required. There is also a link called Queue which will allow you to place that item into the research queue, if it reads *Queue* then you have the required amount of research centers to begin the research.
Once you have started some research, the link will change to Cancel, which will allow you to cancel your current project, you will receive all of your resources back as long as no time has ellapsed since starting it. If a tick has happened and you decide to cancel, then you will only get some of the resources back.

Please Note - You CANNOT cancel any research item if only 1 Tick/Hour remains.


This can be accessed through the left side menu option. It will show an overview of what research has been started, completed, what's available to research and what's not yet available. It is done using the colours listed below :-

Red - This is the current project being researched.
Green - These are what items of research have been finished.
Yellow - These show what projects are available to research. You WILL require the correct type and number of research centers to start them.
Black - White - None of these projects can be researched yet.

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