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Account Options

Account Options

Show Descriptions In Planet Menu

Not Checked (Default) - Planets menu will show public planet names
Checked - Planets menu will show your private planet descriptsions

Low Bandwidth Pages

Not Checked (Default) - All pages are complete. Nothing is removed
Checked - Some pages will have content removed to reduce page load/generation times. The content that is removed is available in the off-line manual.

JavaScript GBM

Not Checked (Default) - Global Building Manager will use drop down combo boxes for selections
Checked - Some combinations of Operating System and Browser may not be able to deal with the large number of form controls on the Global Building Manager. If you think this is a problem for you, then check this option. The system will use a JavaScript and a pop-up window to provide the selections. When this option is enabled, click 'Select' to begin the selection process

In the Low Bandwidth Option, the pages that are effected are as follows :-
Research and Development - Short research information blocks (Resource, building requirements etc).
Building Manager - Resource requirement/production/buildtime info removed
Intelligence Agency - Probe Descriptions/Costs

Remove Depracated

Not Checked (Default) - All completed research is displayed in the research page and also the buildings that are no longer required will be displayed in the building manager of a planet.
Checked - All completed research will not be displayed in the research page and all buildings that have been updated will no longer show on the planets building manager page. (one example of a building that is no longer required when updated is the Solar Farm, Fission Reactors will supply more power and take less space so Solar Farms become obsolete).

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