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Quadrant Information

Quadrant Selector

Accessed either by clicking the Command Center pull down menu and selecting Quadrants, then Information in the left hand side menu. Or by Clicking the Quadrant Info light on the top right part of every screen.
These are quick links to the Information screens for the quadrants you have planets in.

Quadrant Information

This section will show you the current quadrant name and the coordinates you are in.
You can read any of the threads that have been created by the players of this quadrant by selecting the subject of the thread you wish to read. If no reply or update has been made to a post within 72 hours then the post will be deleted automatically.
When you view a thread you will be shown the original message followed by the replies to it.
If you have made a reply to the thread you can edit the reply at any point by selecting the Edit Reply link from inside the thread.
To reply to any of the posts in there, type your reply in the box provided and click the Post Reply. button.

New Thread

To create a new thread simply put in a subject and then below, type what you wish to say and then click the Post Message button and the new thread will be made.

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