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Incoming Fleets

Incoming Fleets

Any fleets (that do not belong to your account) sent to any of your planets, will cause this button to light up. The fleets can be Hostile, Friendly or Neutral.
Below you can see a fleet that you own, orbiting one of your planets. All ships that belong to your account will be classed as Friendly.

[001:01:1:04] Planet Name
Fleets In Orbit Ships
[001:01:2:04] Your Planet 35

Below is an example of incoming fleets to the planet displayed above.

In Transit
  Originating From Ships ETA
[001:03:4:17] Planet 1 9 3
[001:13:2:9] Planet 2 7 4
[001:11:1:15] Planet 3 3 4

The Hostile fleet can not be altered in any way and will require defence. Hostile fleets use the orders Attack and Invade.

The Neutral fleet can be declared as Hostile by clicking the image. This gives a player the chance to stop other players from using their planet as a base of operations in which to launch attacks and defence from. Neutral fleets use the orders Goto and IPT (Interplanetary Transport).

The Friendly fleet can also be declared as hostile by a player by simply clicking on the image. Friendly fleets use the orders Station at and Defend.

To remove a fleet from being declared as hostile, simply click the image and it will return to its original Neutral or Friendly status.

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