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Welcome to The Outer Reaches On-Line Manual. Use the links below to view the required section. Alternatively, you may also use the 'Help' option which may be available on the various pages within the game. This option will take you directly to the manual page which is most appropriate.

Beginners Guide
Fleet Management
Manual Index
Planet Management
Production Management
Your Account

Section Content - Beginners Guide
Game Concepts
PDS Stats
Quick Start Guide
Ship Stats
Tech Tree
Unit Stats

Section Content - Combat
Combat Report
Ground Combat
Space Combat The Raiders

Section Content - Fleet Management
Cargo Breakdown
Fleet Breakdown
Fleet Creator
Fleet Orders
Fleet Strategy

Section Content - Miscellaneous
Creators Hour
First Login
General Overview
Hit List
Incoming Fleets
New Log Entry
News Center
Outer Reaches Info
Personal Log
Planet List
Planet Lotto
Quadrant Incoming
Quadrant Information
Quadrant Naming & Voting
Quadrant View
Research and Development
Special Projects
Status Report
Tag Member
Tag Owner
Universe Status

Section Content - Planet Management
Abandon Planet
Building Manager
G.B.M (Global Building Manager)
Intelligence Agency
Kalamite Refinery
Matter Catcher
Matter Transport
Planet Home Page
Planet Navigator

Section Content - Production Management
Ground Units
Ship Production
Unit Production
Weapons Production

Section Content - Trading
Buying From Players
Player To Player Trade
Purchase Screen
Selling To Players
Trade Center

Section Content - Your Account
Account Details
Account Options
Account Upgrade Codes
Change Password
Colour Scheme
Delete Account
Your Account
Your Bio

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