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How Your Score Is Calculated

Your score is calculated by adding up scores for all the buildings, units, ships and special projects you have built and the items of research you have completed, using the values from the lists below.

Research Scores

Research Item Score   Research Item Score
Advanced Accelerator1150 Ground Based Defences600
Advanced Building Construction5000 Ground Based EMP1650
Advanced Digital Imaging1500 Ground Defence Laser800
Advanced Ground Defence Laser1550 Ground Warfare50
Adv. Hyperspace Navigation4700 Heavy Weaponry750
Advanced Kalamology1550 High Power Defence Laser2250
Advanced Optics150 High Power Electron Emitter1400
Advanced Pulse Weaponry1000 High Power EMP Emitter550
Advanced Research Development5000 High Power Ionisers650
Advanced Ship Manufacturing2750 High Power Optics200
Advanced Unit Manufacturing2700 High Power Plasma Generation1000
Advanced Vector Analysis1800 High Power Proton Generator1300
Advanced Vehicle Production2250 Hyperspace Navigation2200
Advanced Weapons Manufacturing1050 Information Gathering350
Aluminium Extraction50 Ionised Particles1100
Battleship Chassis2950 Kalamite Extraction250
Battleship Design BA.14350 Kalamite Processing600
Battleship Design BA.24650 Kalamology350
Battleship Design BA.35000 Landing Procedures350
Battleship Design BA.45350 Light Weaponry100
Carrier Chassis550 Long Range Accelerator2250
Carrier Design CA.1700 Manufacturing Facilities150
Carrier Design CA.22300 Mass Extraction50
Cloaking Detection1200 Mass Transport5150
Cloaking Technology250 Matter Beams850
Commerce650 Matter Interception6600
Corvette Chassis550 MAV Production3000
Corvette Design CO.1550 Medium Weaponry400
Corvette Design CO.2850 Neutron Accelerator650
Corvette Design CO.3950 Nuclear Fission850
Corvette Design CO.41000 Nuclear Fusion1600
Corvette Design CO.51100 Optical Kalamology350
Corvette Design CO.61250 Optical Studies200
Covert Operations950 Orbital Structures7250
Cruiser Chassis2150 Particle Kalamology950
Cruiser Design CR.13250 Particle Physics250
Cruiser Design CR.23350 Plasma Generation500
Cruiser Design CR.33500 Plutonium Extraction200
Cruiser Design CR.43700 Power Sources50
Cruiser Design CR.53950 Proton Accelerator3000
Cyborg Production550 Proton Generator750
Data Collection500 Pulse Modulation450
Deciphering Techniques2450 Pulse Weaponry100
Destroyer Chassis1550 Quantum Physics3000
Destroyer Design DE.12250 Refining400
Destroyer Design DE.22250 Resource Chassis350
Destroyer Design DE.32400 Resource Design RE.1450
Destroyer Design DE.42650 Resource Design RE.21000
Destroyer Design DE.52750 Resource Design RE.31950
Digital Imaging1050 Ship Capacity Upgrade4000
Electron Emitter800 Ship Chassis Studies150
EMP Emitter200 Ship Detection750
EMP Projectiles1050 Ship Manufacturing450
Energy Beams600 Signal Interception4700
Enhanced Extraction1750 Signal Jamming900
Enhanced Signals550 Silica Extraction150
Factory Automation1500 Solar Power150
Fighter Chassis150 Space Station Design SS.18600
Fighter Design FI.1150 Special Projects3000
Fighter Design FI.2200 Steel Extraction200
Fighter Design FI.3250 Sub-atomic Beam Weaponry4150
Fighter Design FI.4300 Superconduction3650
Fighter Design FI.5350 Teleportation Methods3000
Fighter Design FI.6400 Titanium Extraction150
Fighter Design FI.7500 Trade Protocols350
Fighter Design FI.8600 Traffic Control150
Flagship Chassis4200 Transport Chassis450
Flagship Design FL.16600 Transport Design TR.1500
Flagship Design FL.27200 Transport Design TR.2700
Flagship Design FL.37700 Transport Design TR.32050
Frigate Chassis950 Unit Capacity Upgrade4000
Frigate Design FR.11450 Unit Manufacturing250
Frigate Design FR.21450 Uranium Extraction150
Frigate Design FR.31650 Vehicle Production1500
Frigate Design FR.41650 Weapons Capacity Upgrade4000
Frigate Design FR.51950 Weapons Manufacturing350

Building Scores

Building Score   Building Score
Aluminium Extractor100 Science Research Center150
Building Research Center150 Ship Factory1000
Disruptor Tower800 Ship Factory Improvement1500
Electron Beam2000 Ship Research Center150
Fission Reactor400 Silica Extractor100
Fusion Plant800 Solar Farm100
Intelligence Agency600 Steel Extractor200
Kalamite Extractor200 Technology Research Center150
Kalamite Refinery600 Titanium Extractor150
Landing Pad500 Trade Center600
Laser Tower400 Unit Factory1000
Matter Catcher7400 Unit Factory Improvement1500
Matter Transporter5500 Unit Research Center150
Neutron Blaster1100 Uranium Extractor100
Planet Management Module500 UV Laser Turret1100
Plutonium Extractor150 Weapons Factory750
Proton Beam1500 Weapons Factory Improvement1000
Pulse Laser Tower800 Weapons Research Center150
Quantum Reactor1500   

Ship Scores

Ship Score   Ship Score
BA.1 - Bullet2150 FI.2 - Viper125
BA.2 - Dragnet2300 FI.3 - Bullet150
BA.3 - Dread2500 FI.4 - Venom175
BA.4 - Damocles2700 FI.5 - Spirit150
CA.1 - Class 1450 FI.6 - Cobra200
CA.2 - Class 21500 FI.7 - Shadow250
CO.1 - Python250 FI.8 - Dragon300
CO.2 - Venom400 FL.1 - Jugger3300
CO.3 - Sirrius450 FL.2 - Leviathan3600
CO.4 - Alpha500 FL.3 - Dragon3850
CO.5 - Vega550 FR.1 - Viper725
CO.6 - Crusader650 FR.2 - Hawk750
CR.1 - Tiger1600 FR.3 - Spirit800
CR.2 - Spirit1650 FR.4 - Gamma850
CR.3 - Cobra1750 FR.5 - Thor950
CR.4 - Omega1850 RE.1 - Class 1400
CR.5 - Crusader2000 RE.2 - Vampire900
DE.1 - Eagle1100 RE.3 - Class 21500
DE.2 - Delta1150 SS.1 - Guardian4300
DE.3 - Gamma1200 TR.1 - Class 1400
DE.4 - Shadow1350 TR.2 - Genesis500
DE.5 - Dragon1450 TR.3 - Class 21500
FI.1 - Adder100   

Unit Scores

Unit Score   Unit Score
Assault Tank50 Mechanised Assault Vehicle200
Cyborg Soldier5 Mobile Rocket Launcher100

Special Project Scores

Project Score   Project Score
Extractor Control Upgrade2000 Improved Ship Capacity5500
HyperNav Ver. 14850 Improved Unit Capacity5500
HyperNav Ver. 27350 Improved Weapons Capacity5500
Improved Construction Methods5000 Power Distribution Upgrade4900
Improved Research Methods5000   

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